A new technique for tattoo healing

It is in trend to flaunt tattoos of varying sizes, intricacies, and colors. But did you know that without proper aftercare you can be looking at serious skin damage and bacterial infections?The tattoo is inflicting damage to the skin structure and you must give adequate time to the skin to heal. It is also important to know what to do and not do once you get a tattoo because wrong and improper care can damage your skin for life and some products even have adverse effects. Therefore always make sure that you use only the best tattoo aftercare products. Use products that are safe and free from parabens and ones that will nourish the skin without fading the ink.

Primary care

It is important to follow your tattoo artists advice on aftercare. Keep the bandage at least for 6 hours and after removing wash the areas gently with an antiseptic soap. Be gentle and do not rub or pull anything. Always keep your hands clean before touching your wound. Next ensure that you use only freshly washed towels, bedsheets, and clothes especially when the tattoo is new and raw.

Wet tattoo healing

There are two schools of thought -wet healing and dry healing. While dry healing is preferred by most, wet healing technique is especially beneficial for those who are at a risk of greater infection. Normally bacteria thrive in moist areas and hence wet tattoo healing is the less preferred method. But if you want to keep micro tears away and scab formation to a minimum, choose this method.

In this method, the tattoo is cleaned and then covered with a mild antiseptic ointment before being securely wrapped in plastic. Twice a day the entire process is repeated and a fresh clean wrap is used each time. Within 3-4 days the tattoo will flake and peel. From now onwards there is no need to wrap the area, just let the tattoo heal naturally.