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Habits Of Highly Effective Dieting

In order to ensure your diet pays off well and gives you the results you craved for, you need to have not only an effective diet but effective dieting habits as well. One may start off well but slip back into their old habits one at a time, due to various circumstances.

Here are a few habits of effective dieting.


Occasional rewards are good. Reward yourself once a week or in 10 days for sticking to your diet. Have foods that you have cut out completely and are missing. This will reduce your craving for that particular food item gradually. It will also prevent you from binge eating when you do have access to it.

Portion Control

Cutting out certain food items can be good but that doesn’t mean you have to make up for it with some other food item. Even if healthy, one needs to practice portion control. Have smaller portions and more frequent meals than loading up in one meal.

Avoid Feeders

Feeders are those who keep feeding various food items to you. Could be family or friends who are aware of what you like but are not completely sold on your diet idea. Hence they tend to “feed” you or force you to eat your favorite food items and forget your diet for a day.

If you can’t convince them, try to reduce your time around them when food is served. Take a call outside, enjoy the weather or visit the loo. Once they are settled with their food, they won’t insist too much.

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