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Health Issues Caused By Drug Abuse

Drugs are basically some of those harmful chemicals that have the strength of disturbing your entire system in no time. Every kind of drug can have a unique impact on your body because of its structure and composition. In fact, the consumption of all this for a long time can have a severe negative impact on the brain of an individual which stays even after the person has stopped consuming drugs.

This is the reason why it gets extremely important for all of us to be aware of the consequences of drug consumption so that we can stop ourselves as well as our loved ones from getting into this fatal habit. Here are some of the negative outcomes of drug abuse that can spoil your life forever.

Side effects of drug consumption

The overallinfluence any kind of drug consumption and addiction can be extremely dangerous, thusdisturbing almost all the human body organs. Some of the major side-effects of this addiction include:

  • It makes your immune system weak and makes you more prone to catch infections.
  • Drug abuse can result in irregular cardiovascular situations such as abnormal heart rate as well as heart attack. Not only this, if drugs are injected, then the veins can collapseand lead to several infections in the patient’s blood vessels.
  • Nausea and abdominal pain are some other disturbing results of drug consumption.
  • A lot of stress comes on the liver as it has to function more strongly, thus leading to liver failure.
  • One can also experience different kinds of seizures, stroke as well as other damages to the brain. It can have a negative impact on the person’s memory and decision making capabilities.

Once a person is suspicioned of consuming drugs, he or she is screened through different tests. One such test is done by using the saliva of the person. The result of this test is generally out in 10 minutes.

These are some of the reasons why we should stay away from all kinds of drugs. Understand the truth in time and encourage the people around you too to not fall in this ill habit.