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Athletic Injuries of the Knee And Ligaments

Our knees are quite complex as they have several components due to which they are very prone to injuries. You might have often heard athletes suffering from knee sprains, fractures, ligament tears and dislocations. Some of the knee injuries have simple treatment procedures such as rehabilitation exercises and bracing which is done using braces. But some injuries mandatorily need a surgery for rectification. Knee injuries have two common symptoms which are swelling and pain which can also result into instability.

Some of the athletic injuries related to knee and ligaments are:

  • Fractures are often caused if a bone breaks nearby the knee. It can also occur where the knee joint is formed. Most of the time fracture is caused due to falls which is common among the players of many of the sports like soccer and baseball.
  • Dislocation is also very common among athletes, which is caused if the bones of the knees get out of place partially or completely. Any abnormality in the knee’s structure can be also responsible for dislocations. In case the knee structure is absolutely normal, then due to high energy trauma, dislocation can occur.
  • Meniscal tears can also happen while playing a sport due to cutting, twisting, pivoting etc. Depending on age, the menisci can become weak. Meniscus tear knee brace can be used to avoid such conditions.
  • Collateral ligament injuries are caused when the knee is pushed sideways. It may occur in sports if the outside of the knee is directly blown. In comparison to other knee injuries, lateral collateral ligament tears do not occur very frequently.
  • Tendon tears usually occur in sports that predominantly involve jumping or running, such as soccer and basketball. If you fall or land awkwardly from a jump or the front of the knee gets a direct force then there are high chances of knee tendon injuries.