Health Tips For Women

Women need to take extra care about their health. It is not because they are special or weaker than men, it is because their bodies are different and they tend to take their health lightly, especially women with a family, kids and a career. They tend to put everything else before their own health.

Iron Content

Many women are anemic due to low iron content in their blood. This is due to stress, strain, childbirth, periods, etc. one can improve the iron content by consuming food rich in iron. Green leafy vegetables, figs, nuts, eggs, etc can be added to their daily diet. When iron content increases, one will feel less tired and irritable.


Periods is one issue women have to combat with every month. Though they are used to it, one still suffers from stomach cramps and uneasiness every time. What if you are going on a trip and realize it is time for your periods?

You can make your period come faster by consuming foods that will increase the body heat. You can consume papaya, ginger tea, herbal tea etc, to increase your body’s heat. Periods helps the body cool down, hence will come faster when the heat in the body is more.

Weight Gain

Women tend to gain weight faster than men, mainly due to childbirth. Women forget to take care of themselves once they have a child. Also, as they age, their bodies are unable to do much of what they did earlier. This is not so severe among men.

Women can follow healthy diets and exercise regularly to combat such weight issues. When they eat healthily, not only do they not put on weight, they add to their health and can get more energy to do their work more efficiently too.

Women are not very different from men. The health issues faced by men are different from those faced by women; hence different type of care is required.