Student Health: Are Smart Drug Side Effects Dangerous For Long Term Brain Function?

Nootropics, the term is derived from the Greek word “noos” which means “mind” are the supplements that are said to be used to improve cognitive functions, alertness, memory and recall power. Since people have become more obsessed in achieving the best in their professional field, they are doing so by increasing the use of synthetic drugs. Everybody from techies, aspiring students, exhausted youngsters who have two jobs or two shifts to work are making use of this, since it has become a hot topic.

However, in spite of all the popularity this is gaining there is also a dark side for this. Administering of wrong dosage of these enhancer has led to many deaths so far.

The nootropics are taken in the form of combination of two smart drugs which have proved to give better results. There is also one combination which includes caffeine in it which helps in focusing for long time without having an anxiety attack. It also keeps you relaxed. However, it has been seen to have some side effects like headaches and sweating excessively.

Nonetheless what we do know about these smart drugs is that using them for short term offers better brain function. Long term use of this has shown some potential side effects like depression, insomnia, headache, dizziness, increase in heart rate and many more.

Mind lab Pro reviews

The reviews given by this say that the supplements help in improving cognitive function and have lesser side effects because the combination of drugs that this is caffeine free which reduces the risk of headache. it is also said that it has positive effects, which helps in recalling and learning faster and also increase overall performance by increasing the speed and helping in focusing. It is also said to make mind creative, motivational and improve structural impact which means anti-aging and injury repair.