Water – The Magic Potion

  1. Water – The Magic Potion

Water plays a major role in the healthy living of a person. It is said that it has the magic in it to cure even some of the deadliest of the diseases of today. It is recommended that a person consume atleast 7 liters of water every day? But is this of any use in the present day situations? Is the water that we are consuming every day clean and dirt-free? No, every single drop is being contaminated and it is certainly a big question when comes to a healthy living. There are many social groups that help in bringing about a change in the society in this issue through their water, sanitation and hygiene advice.

There are many reasons for this contamination of water.

  • Throwing and dumping of garbage at huge quantities. This is a great unending problem that is still a big question mark when comes to complete evacuation. And one major reason for the difficulty in reusing this is the use of plastic in higher volumes. These are non-biodegradable and hence pose a great threat when comes to recycling.
  • Medical and chemical wastes is another contributor to this. Syringes and medical tubes, chemicals that are used are just dumped into the water which pollutes the water and makes it unfit for consumption and reuse. There should be proper systems and plans for disposal of all these and when this is done, we will be able to save a decent percentage of water loss.

So we as individuals should start voicing this problem from our level which would bring about a great reformation in the future and atleast help in safeguarding the existing water resources which are at death edge. So let`s join hands with the concerned governments and bring about a change in the basic living conditions of our rural parts of the country which is where the reformation should start from.