What To Look For When You Plan To Buy Bamboo Sheets


Bamboo sheets have a lot of benefits. They have become very popular in the recent years. But we cannot deny the fact that these can be pretty expensive. If you find the right bamboo sheets they would be pretty durable and so it would be a total value for money deal. Here are some factors to remember when you buy bamboo sheets:

  1. Will it shrink?

How much your sheets shrink mainly depends on the actual material of the fibers used. Sheets shrink with usage and after wash as well. The shrinkage differs with organic fibers like bamboo. When you choose premium sheets made of natural bamboo fibers then these would often be shipped pre-shrunk. So your sheets would not suffer any further shrinkage or damage with use.

  1. Fiber weaving:

Twill weaving is considered to be the most durable. These feel comfortable as well. The type of weaving of the fibers would determine how well the sheets withstand tears. Sateen weave is one other popular weave in bamboo sheets. Sheets with Sateen weave feel smoother and might turn out to be slightly more expensive as well.

  1. The material of the fibers:

When we talk about bamboo sheets there are several options that you would find. Some are all natural bamboo. Some come as bamboo fiber blends. Evidently the natural ones are the most comfortable ones. And there’s no toxic chemicals in bamboo sheets making them absolutely safe to use. There are other types of sheets that are made of rayon, tencel and other derivatives from bamboo fibers. Tencel is considered to be a more eco-friendly option among the others.

  1. Care instructions:

Depending on the type of fibers used and the blend the care instructions would vary. This would determine the type of wash allowed and the temperature settings as well. Adhering to the instructions maintain proper strength of your sheets.